Our Services

At Waggingtails, we offer expert services in grooming and handling your dog to suit individual behaviours. Our staff are highly trained to work with patience and care settling your dog into the grooming process.

In a smaller boutique personal setting, we undertake a limited number of dogs at one time and allow them to mingle, socialise and enjoy the spa experience, between steps of the grooming process. We specialise in small to medium dogs. And on some instances accept dogs up to 25kgs based on specific criteria.

We are a new wave of salons that allows our clients to witness our process which makes you feel at ease to leave your precious one for a few hours of pampering.

We take approximately 2.5 to 3 hrs for our services. Wash and blow-dry for approximately 1.5hrs. After the groom is done your pooch can go home covered in a coat specific mist, smelling divine.

Wash and Blow-dry

Hydro surge bathing experience – At Waggingtails we offer a bathing system that fuses shampoo, water, and oxygen to penetrate the dog’s coat for a thorough cleansing down to the skin. The benefits being a therapeutic feel, deep clean and calming spa experience.

Blow-drying – Different dogs have specific requirements. Example: Puppies, older dogs, special needs dogs. We adjust our blow-dry techniques to suit, from pressure reduction to noise reduction. Will include ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Puppy getting ready for a wash and blow dry
Puppy getting ready for a tidy


This service is mainly focusing in-between grooms.

Very popular in the winter months where our fur clients would like to retain their coats come in more frequently for the below:


  • Hygiene clean
  • Wash and blow-dry
  • Paw tidy and nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Tail tidy
  • Sometimes we tidy up the face

Full Groom

Individually tailored scissor finishes, coat clipping, de-shedding (specific breeds) will fall under the full groom services. Full grooms are breed-specific.

We also offer variations of breed cuts to suit your dog’s looks, their ability to go through the process, and your taste.

Also includes service in a tidy and wash blow-dry category.

Dog getting ready for a full groom
Puppy getting ready for a wash and blow dry

Additional Services

  • Oatmeal/Aloe or medicated shampoo application
  • Flea rinse
  • Anal glad extraction
  • Dematting
  • Nail trimming only