About Us


Qualified, trained and experienced groomers and passionate dog owners, our staff are passionate about what they do and pride themselves in delivering the ‘Wagging Tails quality and standard of care and grooming’.


Our grooms are personalised to suit skin types, coat conditions, age, needs, and behaviors. We are upfront about your baby’s wellbeing and behaviours so we can work together towards a beautiful, healthy groom.


We take time to assess, process, and work on your fur babies for a healthy, quality groom with industry-best products that suit different dog breeds. Through positive reinforcement, patience, and trust we help your pets settle into the grooming process.

Our Story

Waggingtails has been servicing the fur community in the Inner West of Sydney for over 15 years. We are centrally located with easy access from Parramatta Road, close to popular Norton Street in Leichardt and Crystal Street if coming from Petersham.

Our grooming facilities are in full-view and is always a treat to watch the dogs get lathered up and play in between grooming. Our staff are qualified, trained and well experienced in grooming and dog care and are dog owners themselves. They all have a greater understanding of dog behaviour to deliver the ‘Waggingtails quality and standard of care and grooming’ we are known for.

Our point of difference is also in the equipment and products we use. From our unique aerated therapeutic hydro-surge wash, handheld variable dryers, and grooming equipment, to professional coat specific products make the experience pleasant and lasting at Waggingtails.